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Maddie Rey is a 21 year old Christian Recording Artist, Youth Speaker, Author Performer, Dancer, Actress, YouTuber, and overall Influencer.


Her music is right on point with today’s generation. Her pop, hip hop, rock, style is packed with powerhouse vocals, licks of rap verses, catchy hooks, and a heart of worship. Through her sound and style she also layers her songs with lyrics such as “It’s not a performance, It’s not about me, It’s about a generation coming to the King”. Maddie Rey’s ultimate goal is to lead a generation to the throne of God where they can encounter Him and experience Him like never before! 

In Maddie’s live performances, she gives her audience a performance they will never forget! As a hip hop dancer, rapper, and singer, Maddie Rey’s performance definitely has the wow factor and is topped off with extreme high-energy that keeps her audience fully engaged and involved. Maddie Rey is definitely coming on the scene with a new passion and energy to engage God in praise and worship. 


Maddie Rey’s ministry does not stop at her music and performance. Maddie also has a message that speaks to a generation of “church kids”. As a youth speaker/preacher, Maddie ministers her message “Dwell” which is directed towards that young person that is a christian, that is a church kid, and that is a pastor’s kid. Being a Pastor’s kid and growing up in church her whole life, Maddie understands the need that the church has to keep their young people serving God and in church. Many christian young people grow up feeling like they don’t have a testimony, and wind up selling out to the world to “find” it. Maddie comes saying, “The Greatest Testimony you can ever have to say that i’ve grown up in the church and never walked away from God, ever since I accepted Jesus i’ve decided to live my life completely for Him using my gifts and talents to glorify Him". Maddie’s message is based on the verse Psalms 27:4, “One Thing I desire, this only do I seek, is to DWELL in the house of the Lord all the days of my life…”. 


Maddie shares her ministry at youth groups, youth events, youth conferences, crusades, Christian music festivals, and social media platforms. As a YouTuber and Social media influencer, Maddie Rey uses these platforms to share her ministry with a young generation through her music, youtube videos, creative social media content, merchandise, and resources.



Download Maddie Rey's artist bio sheet for everything you need to know about Maddie's performance ministry.  For more information, please send emails to

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