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Maddie Rey is a 20 year old recording artist (singer, dancer, rapper, and performer) from Chicago, Illinois bringing together today’s pop sounds, powerful vocals and energetic live performance.


Growing up leading worship and performing as part of her family’s ministry since the age of 12, Maddie is accomplished beyond her years. With a mission to impact and celebrate the church through her music, ministry, and message of Dwell (Psalm 27:4 “One thing I desire, this only do I seek, is to Dwell in the house of the word all the days of my life..”).


Her lyrics and style reach beyond music into ministry through her Dwell Shop clothing line, Youtube channel, dynamic speaking and energetic youth events across the nation.



Download Maddie Rey's artist bio sheet for everything you need to know about Maddie's performance ministry.  For more information, please send emails to info@maddierey.com


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